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[02 Feb 2006|07:57pm]

i wonder what kilby's doing now.
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[24 Aug 2005|12:22pm]

Happy bday Craiggers.
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Goldy! [01 Aug 2005|05:57pm]

if anyone out there still cares or remembers goldy* from late late with kilby, he'll be on jimmy kimmel live tonight.

*goldy was one of the writers for the show. i wonder what happened to gibby.
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the new show... [03 Jan 2005|07:41pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

haha, I will probably get a bunch of tomatoes thrown at me for posting this, but I just wanted to let anyone who's interested (probably no one) know that I made a new community for Craig Ferguson craig_ferguson, as this community is for Mr. Kilborn only. And as I've said before, don't get me wrong, I still love the old Craiggers, and definitely look forward to whatever his future endeavors are :) But I also enjoy this new Craig too. hehe So yes. Anyhoo, that is all. *ducks from any incoming flames*

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A new host has been chosen!!! [10 Dec 2004|09:55pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

And the winner is.... Craig, yet again. haha


Oh man, after watching Craig Ferguson guest host the entire week for the "semi-finals" he totally won me over. I still liked the people I listed earlier, but man, I think he fits perfectly with the show :D (I won't bore you all with my reasons, haha) So I'm very happy they ended up going with him!!! (he was definitely my favorite of the semi-finalists)

Anyhoo, I dunno how many of you are still interested in the show, now that [original] Craig is now completely gone, but I figured I'd pass on the info just in case. I still love Craig [Kilborn], and he's definitely irreplaceable; but at the same time, I'm a fan of the late night comedy in general, so I'll definitely continue to watch, and now that they've chosen Mr. Ferguson, I'll be tuning in for sure :D hehe Hooray!!!

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guest host thoughts? [07 Nov 2004|12:28am]

I know that no one can replace good ol' Craiggers (I wonder what he's been up to lately... besides drinking, around two-ish, and laughing a man's laugh.) but does anyone have any thoughts about the guest hosts? Favorites? Least favorites?

I figured I'd ask, as it seems they're starting to narrow down the contestants. I just checked the Late Night TV page and saw that Craig Ferguson (the scottish boss guy from Drew Carey) is guest hosting the entire week this week! :O So I'm guessing that means he's a semi-finalist, and that the "preliminaries" are now over.

I saw him host twice, and I thought he did a decent job! Not my favorite, but I like him, so it'd be cool if he got the job. I noticed that there were two types of guest hosts: comedians that brought their own shtick, and ones that kinda followed the show's usual mold. (okay, and then there were some that were a mix of both) Craig [Ferguson, that is] seemed to be part of the second group. And holy crap, did anyone see that MTV dude, Damien? I don't know if it was the producer's doing, or his own, but lordy, he was like Craig [Kilborn] Jr. when he guest hosted. hahah He had the smartass pretty boy image DOWN. (although with slightly less smarm, haha but he transitioned really easily into the talk show host role, as opposed to some of the other guest hosts, who seemed a little uncomfortable at times)

Anyhoo, so yeah, the aforementioned hosts are pretty good/I wouldn't mind seeing them in the spot, however, my top picks:

- Jim Gaffigan (edit: crap, I can't believe I forgot to include him!!)
- Aisha Tyler
- Drew Carey
- Adam Carolla
- Tom Arnold

(I realize those last two are not well liked among the masses, haha but I enjoy both of them.)

and if I hadn't stupidly MISSED their guest hosting:

- Tom Dreesen
- GIBBY!!!

So, I guess we shall see!
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[01 Oct 2004|01:52pm]

tonight -- at 12:35 -- gibby is guest-hosting the show tonight.

in case anyone is interested, because, really, i'm insane with excitement.
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Whoever made this decision MUST BE FIRED!!! [28 Aug 2004|01:17am]

[ mood | irate ]

San Diego's KFMB-TV Channel 8 is NOT SHOWING CRAIG's LAST SHOW!!!!!!!

Instead, they're showing a TAPE-DELAYED San Diego CHARGERS PRESEASON GAME, which was blacked out locally due to awful ticket sales, a lopsided game dominated by the Seahawks until the 4th quarter.

I'm missing Craiggers for THIS??????????

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[25 Aug 2004|12:07pm]

it's disappointing that on his last week of the show, no one yet has made any posts on this board (at least none that i can see). well, sir snarky, you will be missed, and please do not attempt a career in music.
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06/17 PIX?? [18 Jun 2004|10:45pm]

Does anyone have pix from Thursday night? of Diana Krall?
or know where i can find some!?
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he's back!! [09 Jan 2004|11:32pm]

It didn't dawn on me until half way into the intro, but Craig's doing the announcing in the beginning of the show again!! :D ...so actually, because I didn't even notice at first, for all I know, he started doing it again before today... but oh well, either way: Hooray!

I'm also happy because John Henson's a guest tonight! Hooray again!
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ok. i have a question. [21 Dec 2003|07:30pm]

it seems like no one updates this thing regularly but i'll ask anyway incase some of you might actually read this. i was wondering if there's a site where you can get/download episodes of craig. i was on the show last week. if any of you watch the show every night/regularly...i was the "question of the day" the other night. i was wearing an orange jacket & i asked how he got morrissey to be on his show. someone tell me where i can get a copy of it ? ! ! !
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random thought at 9am [12 Dec 2003|09:16am]

why am i awake? wel anyway, this made me almost laugh out loud, but i didnt cuz no one else would ahve thought it was funny:

i was out with some friends, and one guy answered his phone "what up craig". i almost died.

for those of you lameos who don't like craig kilborn, What Up is a popular segment that they do with three panelists (two writers, goldy and gibby, and a guest) and craig as the moderator and they discuss the current issues.

when they start the segment, craig asks everyone individually "what up?", to which they all reply "what up craig", or "yo craig what up", etc.

funny ass shit. i could give examples but no one cares. this is getting x-posted in the kilborn community which no one ever posts in.
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[16 Oct 2003|12:33am]

[ mood | impressed ]

Dear Craiggers:

Nice move on the english chick with the almond butter.

You're one smooth mothafucka.


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no more announcing? [22 Sep 2003|09:24pm]

Does anyone else miss Craig doing the show's intro/introducing himself? I wonder why he's not doing it anymore... I kinda recall him taking breaks like this before, so I'm hoping he's just resting his throat/he's sick or something and will eventually return!

Mr. Craig Kil-born! :D

(don't get me wrong, their other announcer guy that does the bit intros/"sponsorships" is great as well!)
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Best "5 Questions" Question Ever!!!! [12 Sep 2003|01:10am]

[ mood | amused ]

To Reba McIntyre:

Q. "If we re-arrange the letters in your name, we can spell "bear." (Loud applause and cheering from audience) "Is it OK if we show the bear footage again?"

I loved that question.... the bear footage had me laughing WAY too loud for 12:45 in the morning.... :)

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Craig on Dave! [02 Sep 2003|02:44am]

A role reversal! Craig's gonna be a guest on Dave's show tonight, September 2nd. So you'll be seeing him twice tonight :D

sorry for the short notice!
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[24 Aug 2003|06:45pm]

I guess it's too much to ask for this community to wish a happy birthday to Craig Kilborn?

Nice going!
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[25 Jul 2003|12:41pm]

Did anyone see yesterdays "What Up?"... if you didnt, you have missed something great.
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[09 Jul 2003|05:02pm]

everyone go to Mehnders, my Nationstate and create your own, or if you already have one , join the republic of awesome. I apologize that this has nothing to do with the community.
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